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Mac 22, 2010

Langkah demi langkah SRE star rose stitch

First thread your ribbon through your needle so your ribbon may not fray. Pull your needle from under fabric and take it upside. I see foreign bloggers use inches for measurements but I’m not much familiar with inches :) So have to tell that, for the size you see on fabric of other completed star roses, hold your ribbon at one handspan distance. If you want to make wider rose, then hold your ribbon at longer distance from fabric.

Hold you needle on ribbon as seen in picture

Just as in needle lace( I assume you know:) ), make a knot on ribbon.

Now make straight stitches on ribbon downward with 1/2 cm or 1 cm distances.

Keep making straight stitches as seen in picture.

When you have completed your threading, pierce your needle from the point you started.

Pull your needle gently downward until your un-stitched ribbon taken under fabric.

Our lovely star rose shined and blossomed finally:)

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anie berkata...

cantiknya bunge riben nih.. comel2.. tq kak ajar di sini.. leh wat kombinasi semasa menjahit..

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